Origin story

There are hundreds of PC/Console gaming websites, but how many Mobile Gaming websites are there? This is the question that came to me one day. Being a mobile gamer since my childhood has always driven me to think deeply about mobile games. So why not start a Mobile Gaming Website that focuses on creating insightful content for the Mobile Gaming community! That’s how GamingonPhone started back in August 2019 with the help of Shaquib and Ron.

– Tousif (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

Tousif, Tousif Hasan Biswas

Tousif Hasan Biswas

Chief Executive Officer

“Passion with dedication is what we need”

Jarjis, Jarjis Hasan Biswas, Ron

Jarjis Hasan Biswas

Chief Financial Officer

“Spend with open hands but keep the records of every penny”

Ahamd Shaquib Ghufran

Ahmad Shaquib Ghufran

Chief Operating Officer

“A new relationship in business is like a new blossom on the tree”

Mission statement

GamingonPhone strives to be the one-stop-shop for all Mobile Gaming related topics. Whether it’s news, reviews, in-depth guides, or industry insights, we make it our goal to provide the most up to date content. GamingonPhone is strictly against providing misleading information to its audience because we are mobile gamers too, and we understand that doing so negatively impacts the mobile games industry and the games we all love.

GamingonPhone is run by a team of passionate mobile gamers from across the globe. Our team consists of experienced mobile gamers who are excited to share their knowledge and mobile gaming experience with the community. We are constantly adding/looking for mobile gamers with diverse backgrounds and their own preferred genre of the mobile game so that we can provide a well-rounded array of content.

If you are curious to know how we have survived, feel free to check our first anniversary blog post!






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